Tuition Policy - Semester Contract
  • By agreeing to dedicate to a semester contract, studio members will receive 15 weekly private clarinet lessons over the course of one Fall or Spring semester that is scheduled concurrently to the student's school calendar.
  • The lump sum of $450 semester tuition (15 Lessons) may be  billed as four monthly payments of $112.50. Alternatively, the entire semester’s tuition may be paid in full.
  • Monthly invoices are sent on the first day of each month and due by the tenth day of the month.
  • If payment has not been received after five days, I will email a reminder and future lessons will be canceled until payment is received.  
  • If payment has not been received after 10 days, the student may be removed from the studio and the time slot will be filled with a student from the waiting list.
  • In the case of missed lessons, students are allowed one makeup session per semester.  Any other missed lessons will not be made up and will neither be refunded nor credited to the student's account. Please see the Attendance Policies for more details.